Only HILCO … Why accept Hilco’s collaboration offer?

We VALUE long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our Partners.
We do our best to SATISFY our Partner’s expectations.
We always strive to adhere to HIGHER QUALITY standards in respect to offered products and delivered service.

Hilco collaborates with world-known powerful companies with profound experience and long-year historys, contributing to sector development in welding consumables, work safety products, welding machines and similar equipment productions.

The Dutch brand HILCO
that offers electrodes and dozens of welding materials covers all the aspect with its
97-Year history and its presence in over 100 countries.

Today, construction of oil and gas pipes, power plants, stadiums and other civil and military institutions are done by using electrodes and welding materials of HILCO brand.

The Italian CEA Company
during its 60 years of performance in producing welding apparatus has always been a world leader with its innovative technologies.

Just recently the company that is located in the city of Lecco, Italy, has received an order from Libya for a spare-part of a welding apparatus produced by CEA in 1962. Meaning the equipment has been operating for almost 50 years in the African desert.

ABRA BETA Company itself is a quality standard in producing cutting and grinding discs and is considered the largest in the region for the past 60 years.

On the other side we represent MOSA welding generators that operate at Siberia in -50 Celsius weather conditions and at Arabian Peninsula in +50 Celsius weather conditions, as well as in South America, having the coast 3000 meter higher from the sea level. Such indicators can be insured only by supreme quality products.

Hospitals, banks, schools and other essential institutions located in many countries worldwide are guaranteed with constant power supply due to MOSA powerful and noiseless generators. Likewise, MOSA lighting towers assure safe working conditions at night duties.

All aforementioned products are exclusively produced in the European Union countries (the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, etc.).

HILCO’s slogan has become our driving force to become the preferred and best Partner so when making a decision you can say "Only HILCO".

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